Rasmus Børlum?

I am Rasmus Børlum Petersen, currently a student at the IT University of Copenhagen. I am educating myself within IT, Innovation, Business Strategy and Project Management. Through the pursuit of these elements in my education, I seek to assist companies in the context of digital business development and transformation.

Digital Innovation


I hold a BA in Information Studies and Business Administration from Aarhus University.
During my studies at the Information Studies programme, I have built competences within in working holistically and empathically with the development and implementation of digital solutions.
Additionally I have gained the ability to develop a thorough business understanding from studies of Business Administration at the Department of Economics and Management.

Currently I am pursuing MSc studies at the IT University of Copenhagen at the Digital Innovation & Management programme.


Currently I am employed as a Business Analyst with Implement Consulting Group P/S - a company dedicated to delivering change with impact. I am positioned in the IT Management practice of Implement Consulting Group P/S working with topics of digital strategy and transformation, as well as project management and implementation of strategic digital initiatives.


I have great interest in where we are all heading; how new technology creates radical new fundamentals and how we, as humans and organizations have to act and adapt to the changing reality.
I see myself as an eager student of the world and hope to forever be one.
When I relieve myself from professional matters, I am fond of socializing with co-students, old friends and new acquaintances. I also enjoy engaging in outdoor activities with family and friends. Flying drones and unboxing Lego are also passions of mine.

Quick tips to live by

If you are already working actively with digital innovation or if you are just starting your journey, I think that there are two prime theories that you should be acquainted with right now. The first one is the pragmatic framework of entrepreneur Eric Ries, The Lean Startup. The framework guides your actions towards minimizing the waste of your organisation's most precious ressource. The time of its people. The second is the concept of Digital Disruption as described by James McQuivey of Forrester Research. This concept deals with how innovation in relation to digital is the only way, if you want to survive the new business landscape, characterized by digital disruptors. I would love to discuss how these ideas can help you gain value from digital innovation. Digital provides broad possibilities for enhancing your business. However it requires thinking digital strategically and holistically in relation to your customers, operations, employees and society at large.


I am always interested in meeting new people to share ideas, pitch businesses or join in other unexpected ventures. Through my eyes the world is a playground and it is so boring to play alone.
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